Project MIRA

Year: 2014 – 2019

Commissoned by: PCH INNOVATIONS

In this longterm research project I was commissoned to harness the poetry of light. The result is a unique caustic technology that allows to engineer metal mosaics, customized to reflect hidden words, images and meaning when illuminated by a light source. The project was originally initiated by PCH Innovations & Art+Com Studios

In multiple experiments I researched on materials and possible light amplification
A custom made software allows additional engravements
Reflection simulation before milling
Due to ultra precision milling machines, the single mirror size can be as small as 0.5 x 0.5 mm
Experiments with a minimal number of mirrors
This birthday present consists of ~1300 mirrors at 0.75 x 0.75mm size with a light amplification of up to 7


Year: 2019

Commissioned by: PCH Innovations

At the base of this light-powered artifact is a unique surface pattern of milled metal that, when illuminated by rays from a light source, radiates that energy back into a specified visual reflection.

In this instance, the artifact is a Buddha, representing a way to Enlightenment. And its visual reflection, revealed through as little as a tea-light, the Sanskrit symbol of Om.

Om, the mystic syllable repeated through Hindu and Buddhist traditions, appearing at the beginning and end of most ancient Sanskrit recitations, prayers, and texts. Om, said to invoke the sound of the universe in its first 380,000 years, before there was light. Om, a harmonious mantra with the power to unify through a sense of profound place and purpose; existence itself, evolving through us all. (Text by PCH Innovations)

Artifact and packaging
A unique meditation tool
For the wooden part of the figure we used pear wood
PCH produced a small series of this artifact