Dear visitor,

having studied with Prof. Joachim Sauter in his New Media Class at the University of the Arts Berlin, I am interested in our engagement with physical objects.

How can objects reveal secrets, be alive, be a window?
After a few years of work, these questions seem to be underlying in many of the installations and objects, that I have created so far. For example in the bone conduction installation that was installed for two years on the Brühlsche Terrasse Dresden: At a first glance you cannot see anything, but if you come closer, you discover the vibration and the icons. And if you follow the instructions, then you are send back into the year 1945 during the time of WWII.

My personal favorite work is Roermond-Ecke-Schönhauser. A webcam installation, in which small miniatures are digitally connected to real world locations and therefore display the boring and peacefull everyday life that happens somewhere else. I like the work, because after observing those miniatures during multiple setups for exhibitions, I got more and more familiar with them. Eg. with the rubbish car, that passes by every wednesday.

So far I have been invited to media art festivals, exhibited in various museums worldwide and given talks at art and design conferences eg. at Ars Electronica, Japan Media Arts Festival, V2_, ZKM, Transmediale, Design Shanghai and Boston Museum of Science.

I like to live and work in Berlin.

Markus Kison is setting up his installation pulse in an industrial exhibition space.

Setup at DEAF Festival 2012, Rotterdam (Photo by Ed Jansen)

rotating selfportrait