Commissioned by Haus für Elektronische Künste Basel

Four hacked live webcam streams are projected onto architectural models of the very same place, using a custom made mirror construction A factory gate in Ghana, a landing stage on the Cayman Islands, a marketplace in the Netherlands and a laundromat, whose geographical position is unknown. Webcam streams from these different continents and time zones are used in the installation "Roermond-Ecke-Tropical Gate" by Markus Kison to connect the places in a poetic way. The four live videos are projected onto exact miniatures of the very same places. Thus "live-models" of distant worlds are created, which we can perceive three-dimensional and even touch. The model becomes a stage or even alive. We take part in the foreign everyday life of unaware protagonists.

Developed in the Digital Media Class at the University of the Arts Berlin.

A few folded-paper like white concrete sculptur with projected images of facades on it.

A live webcam miniature of the marketplace in Roermond, NL

The same folded-paper like buidling but complete white without any colors: abstract

The market place w/o projection

A miniature of factory courtyard at night holded in a hand

A cable company camera in Accra, Ghana

Two miniatures with projections next to each other.

Unknown laundromat (early morning) and Accra (night)

A miniature with blue sky, a pier and a swimming pool

Cayman Islands

Two miniatures with projections next to each other.

Cayman Islands and Roermond sunset.

4 miniatures mounted on tripods. In their center a projector and another tripod with four small mirror to divide the light across all miniatures.

Exhibition view at Haus für Elektronische Künste Basel.