Vanity Ring


Commissioned by European Media Art Festival (EMAF)

The Vanity Ring shows the number of Google hits, you receive, when you search for it's wearer's name. Rings are well known status symbols, and the included jewel's weight in carat is a comparable value for the personal ranking of its owner (the largest two diamonds are in the British crown jewels). The Vanity Ring doesn't have a jewel, instead it shows the number of hits one gets, when he searches Google for the name of the person who wears it, a more adequate value in our time. It is personalized using a custom software, and after the name is typed the ring will change its display to show the personal attention carats, while every night, when it is inserted into its docking station the ring is reloaded and updated. In this closed medial circuit project, the ring has influence on social media and the other way round.

Developed in the Digital Media Class at the University of the Arts Berlin.

A glass ring with a small orange LED screen. The screen displays G2650000.

The Vanity Ring shows the number of Google hits you get, when you search for the name of its owner.

The same ring on the hand of a person.

Visitors were invited to enter their names and personalize the ring.